SF in China

Searching for something else, I came upon a site called Living in China which referenced the most interesting weblog I've discovered in a while: Chinese Science Fiction and Fantasy.

There are many things I know nothing about, and one of them is Chinese literature. Thus, I was fascinated to read the entries on the blog, as well as articles they linked to, including "Science Fiction, Globalization, and the People's Republic of China " by Lavie Tidhar, originally published by Foundation and reprinted online by Concatenation.

A couple of quick searches didn't turn up much in English about Chinese SF, but there are some basic overviews at Unsafe and China.org.cn.

Finding stories translated from Chinese is particularly difficult, but there are a few at Mirage. There is one anthology of Chinese SF in English that I know of.

SF is quite popular in China -- Science Fiction World has an immense readership -- and it would be interesting to see if the Internet could be used to create more communication between English-language and Chinese-language readers and writers.

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