14 August 2004

I've been trying very hard to ignore Nick Mamatas, because I promised him that I would write about his novel Move Under Ground and I haven't even finished reading it yet, but his latest LiveJournal post is so worth reading that I can't help but point you toward it.

You will find when you read it that Nick applies some ideas from Dale Peck's Hatchet Jobs to science fiction, in response to a post by Jed Hartman (as well as the comments that followed).

Yes, Dale Peck has ideas other than that every novel since Ulysses sucks (except for his own, of course), and in fact the essay that Nick is, I think, relying on -- about contemporary gay fiction -- is one with some good insights, and it seems to have been ignored in the fracas over Peck's other, more hyperbolic reviews.

I'm not quite sure where Nick's going with some of the ideas, but I think it will be interesting to watch.

Meanwhile, go buy Move Under Ground. (I think you can still get signed copies for $20 here and support the revolution at the same time.) Then when I finally do write about it, you'll have some idea what I'm writing about and can disagree vociferously with all the bizarre opinions I express.