19 April 2005

The Fourth Circle at the LitBlog Co-op

I just put up my first post at the LitBlog Co-Op, about the book I would have nominated had I been on the nominating committee this quarter: The Fourth Circle by Zoran Zivkovic. We were trying to decide what sorts of things to post between now and the May 15 announcement of the book we'll be discussing for the first quarter, and somebody suggested that those of us who didn't get to nominate say a few words about books we would have, had we had the opportunity. Sounded like fun. Mark Sarvas made his non-nomination earlier in the week, and we're likely to see a few new posts each day from now on. So if you're looking for diverse recommendations of good recent fiction to read, head over to the Co-Op.


  1. OK, but now I want to know what the not-yet-published book is. :)

    -- Niall

  2. Sorry. If I'm not a nominator for the next round, I'll shout it out far and wide. If I am a nominator, then you'll find out this summer.

    It's actually not a book I've seen a copy of, just one I've read parts of over the past few years.