From the Bowels of Australian Pimps

Ben Peek just sent me a note to let me know that he's got a bunch of interviews with Australian science fiction and fantasy writers, editors, etc. running this week at his LiveJournal. He's calling it "Pimp Your Shit Week", apparently in an attempt to garner attention from Australia's noted clans of coprophiliacs. He explains in his note: "Basically, for the entire week, people from the Australian scene are doing tiny interviews to pimp what work they've got out. It's a small scene, so I figured a new approach was needed to keep it alive and getting new readers, which it kind of needs." (Apparently, though Harlan Ellison has often told writers "Don't be a whore!" it's okay to be a pimp. Huh. All about power relations, I guess. Or, as Foucault once said, "Language is the first and last structure of madness, and red lightbulbs are just so passe.")

People involved in Ben's interviews so far include Anna Tambour, Jonathan Strahan, Sean Williams and others. And he even asks each of them what their favorite swear word is!


  1. Matt,
    This is a terrific idea as far as I'm concerned. It lets me know what colletions and anthologies are being published in oz so I can request copies to cover for YBFH. Hooray for Ben!


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