Odds & Ends

*Despite having written about two of the books in the Reading the World initiative, I've never mentioned that endeavor before. Bad me. The list of books is quite exciting. Go to an independent bookstore and buy lots of them to make yourself happy.

*Tonight I watched What to Do in Case of Fire (Was tun, wenn's brennt?), a tremendously silly and joyful movie about German anarchists. Well, German anarchists who got old and sold out, but who can't escape the past and who eventually discover that friendship is more important than money. A feel-good movie about homemade bombs, really. It's slick, superficial, predictable, plays up stereotypes of anarchism that make me cringe ... and I loved it from beginning to fairy-tale end.

*David Moles wonders if the term "slipstream" isn't getting too defined, and lots of interesting people offer lots of interesting comments in response.

*A nonfictional blog called Fictional Blogs. Truly. (via Scribblingwoman)

*Finally, and most importantly: Greg Egan has published a sad and moving article about an Indian man who sought asylum in Australia and has been detained there now for over six years. (via Stumblings in the Dark)

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