Autumn Pick from the LitBlog Co-op

We have now announced the autumn Read This selection for the LitBlog Co-op, and will begin various sorts of posts about it and the four other nominees over the next weeks and months.

I became a member of the group too late to vote last time, so was sort of on the sidelines, but this time around I was not just a voter, but also a nominator, and the book I nominated will be revealed on Monday. I'm not at all averse to the book that was selected, though -- it was, in fact, my second choice, behind my own book.

The LBC is still new, and we're still figuring out ways to make it interesting and worthwhile, so we've changed a lot of what we're doing this round from last round. We're working on scheduling lots of special posts about the selected book, with, we hope, discussions with the author, editor, agent, publicist, and anybody else who is willing to join in, and we're also going to devote a week of discussion to each of the nominated books, which is something I'm pretty excited about, because some of the books are from very small presses, and the extended discussion will give them some deserved attention. (Which is not to say that everyone liked every book. Each book had supporters and detractors. There were two books that I was ... well, less than enthusiastic about.)

So go read about the autumn pick. Powell's Books will be selling it for 30% off, and I recommend picking up a copy, because if you like the sorts of things I write about here at The Mumpsimus, you'll probably like this book quite a bit.

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