Sunday Readings in Nairobi and New York

The good people of New York's Sunday Salon are branching out, and this week will offer readings not only in Brooklyn, but also Nairobi (and next week, as usual, in Chicago). (Alas, I can't make it to any of them, but maybe some of you out there can...)

The line-up for Sunday night in Nairobi includes Dayo Forster, Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor, Muthoni Garland and Stanley Gazemba. (Bios here. The only one whose work I know is Muthoni's, because for a few days she was part of our workshop when I was at the SLS/Kwani? LitFest conference. In fact, I think she was the person who first told me to read Going Down River Road...)

And the line-up in Brooklyn includes Kate Hunter, Mitch Levenberg, Shelley Marlow, Jeffrey Renard Allen, and musical guest Eric McEntee. (Bios here.)

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