Just as I was getting ready to get the blog back to full steam, I got cast in a production of Taming of the Shrew (playing Hortensio), and that has eaten up most of my time and energy for the past two weeks. But we opened this afternoon, and it went well, and now I should be able to stop spending all my free time learning lines and rehearsing and get back to reading and writing... (And responding to email -- apologies to everyone I owe notes to...)

Meanwhile, here are some good things for your ears: 1.) Kelley Eskridge on the Reality Break Podcast. Since becoming familiar with her work over the past year or so, I've thought Kelley is among the smartest and most thoughtful writers I've recently encountered, but not everybody who seems smart and thoughtful on the page is also able to seem smart and thoughtful in a conversational interview. Kelley is.

2.) The great and glorious empire of McSweeney's has expanded into the realm of audio via, which is offering subscribers McSweeney's Field Recordings. I mention this because the second volume includes Tony D'Souza reading his story "The Man Who Married a Tree", the one story that we included in the first Best American Fantasy that even the reviewers who hated everything else loved. I do have an Emusic subscription (I've discovered a lot of bands I wouldn't know about otherwise through them), but not for audio books, since I generally have an aversion to all audio books (many reasons, mostly of the pet peeve/personal failing variety). I'm tempted, though, to get the trial audio subscription just to hear Tony do all the voices...

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