Drink Tank Hugo Special

Chris Garcia of the fanzine Drink Tank asked me if he could reprint my blog post on Julian Comstock in a Hugo issue, and after taking a look at some of the hundreds of back-issues, I happily said sure thing.  I'm woefully ignorant of most fanzines, but enjoyed what I read at Drink Tank, and the Hugo Special that's just been put up as a PDF is really a great read.  It's full of opinionated and not at all orthodox pieces about the Hugo Awards in general and this year's slate in particular.

At Readercon last week, I was talking with John Kessel and Brett Cox about generational differences in the science fiction world, and the fact that many young writers got into SF through movies and books of the '80s and '90s rather than classics from the "Golden Age" eras.  John said, "But you seem to know some of that work," and I said I'm a weirdo because most of the SF I read in my early, most impressionable years came from a college library that hadn't really updated its SF collection since 1980 or so.  In particular, I read the first three Hugo Winners collections that Isaac Asimov put together, and his commentaries on each story created my idea (at the time) of what science fiction is.  So the Hugo Awards are something special to me, and I'm happy to have been able to contribute to a Hugo-themed issue of a fanzine that has, in fact, been nominated for the award itself a number of times, including this year...

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