05 June 2013

Queer SF Mindmeld

SF Signal's Mind Melds are often marvelous, but the most recent is my favorite in a long time: a bunch of people answering the question, "LGBT themes and characters have, thankfully, enjoyed an emergence in speculative fiction the past few years, and we’d love to know who some of your favorite LGBT authors, stories, and novels are, and why?"

Great answers from all, offering not only recommendations of excellent books to read, but thoughtful ideas about the place of queer concepts within science fictional/fantasy contexts. Cheryl Morgan in particular covers a remarkable amount of ground in relatively few words.

Bravo, all!


  1. And there was me thinking I'd been excessively wordy for a Mind Meld...

    Thanks! :-)

  2. Luminous sound.

    You dream
    in the sound
    of a luminous
    darkness, your
    delicate care
    appears in my
    mind like a
    loving idea.

    Francesco Sinibaldi