09 March 2004

Listening to the Nihilistic Kid

I read Nick Mamatas's LiveJournal pretty frequently, not only because he has a knack for finding amusing stuff I'd never find on my own, but because when he gets annoyed, frustrated, or combative, he writes brilliantly. Today, though, he offers the sad news that the great horror writer and editor Charles L. Grant has been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which will require him to have bottled oxygen for the rest of his life. The worst part about it is, Grant doesn't have health insurance. Nick passes on information about a "Fresh Air" fund that has been created so that donations can be sent to help cover the costs of oxygen and medical equipment. Anybody who has ever had to pay for medical expenses can guess that those costs must be tremendous. Here's the info:
There are two ways to contribute. Mail a check in any amount, made out to Kathryn Ptacek [Grant's wife], to:

Fresh Air Fund
c/o Kathryn Ptacek
P. O. Box 97
Newton, NJ 07860-0097

or Paypal: katptacek@yahoo.com
And if you'd like to see Nick's informal and brilliant vitriolic writing (or, well, even if you don't) be sure to read his response to a reviewer who accused him of being a "slipstream" writer. (I promise to never ever ever use that term seriously again. Ever. Until I forget and slip. No no no -- NEVER.)