19 April 2004

The Nebulas

Recently, I was contacted by my evil twin, who sent this note:

So what about them Nebulas? What kind of group calls itself "The Science Fiction Writers of America" and then gives awards to stories that aren't even remotely science fiction? Good lord! And one of them fellas is a Brit! What is the world coming to?! And what was that guy thinking when he called his story "The Empire of Ice Cream"? The ice cream was just a device in that yarn -- it would be like calling Starship Troopers "The Zap Gun" or some other stupid title. And did any of those people who voted actually read "What I Didn't See"? Pretentious drivel by some little girl who wants people to think she's got one of them special college writing degrees. Not science fiction, that's for sure. Not even much of an adventure. Dull, dull, and more dull. What happened to the sense of wonder?! What happened to The Future?! I thought that's what science fiction was all about, dammit! Science fiction by Americans, for Americans -- the future is ours!

Well, if you want to know what happened with all of those crazy SF-hating SFWA members, read Frank Catalano's report. But I don't recommend it. Traitors all.