Awards News

Winners from two awards have been announced recently: The Locus Awards and The Wooden Rocket Awards (for online SF & Fantasy).

Congrats especially to Neil Gaiman for his multiple Locus Awards (I will be circulating a petition at WorldCon to rename all this year's awards "The Gaiman") and to Wooden Rocket runners-up Cheryl Morgan (the Empress of Emerald City) and Revolution SF, where Jayme Lynn Blaschke is fiction editor. (I know they got runnered-up for more than fiction, but Jayme's the only person there I've had any contact with, so I figure he can pass the congrats along.)

One odd things about the Wooden Rockets: the award for "Best Fan Site Homepage" is the only one that allows blogs, thus making winner Teresa Nielen Hayden and runners up Bruce Sterling and Jeff VanderMeer into "fans". I suppose they are, in some sense, but I tend to think of all three as slightly more than that...

Another note about the Wooden Rockets: Jed Hartman notes that the award wasn't supposed to be given out this early, so some people didn't get a chance to vote. Odd, that. Well, congratulations all around in any case.

Update 7/2/04: Cheryl has some questions.

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