Thank You for Hitting Me

Well, according to SiteMeter, since August 19 of last year, there have now been more than 20,000 hits to this site. No, that doesn't mean 20,000 people have read this site or anything -- SiteMeter tends to count hits from search engine spiders, and my IP address changes frequently enough that it doesn't always ignore my own visits -- but I think there are about 100 regular readers out there, and so I thought I'd take this opportunity to thank you all. If you'd told me a year ago I'd actually have an audience for this endeavor, I'd have thought you needed a hole drilled in your skull. (Ahh, the lost art of trepanning!) Thank you for putting up with my inevitable inconsistencies, irresponsible thoughts, half-completed ideas, and dead links. I'll do my best to continue at least being a mildly amusing diversion between porn sites and spam.


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