Appreciations of d.g.k. goldberg

In the previous post, I noted Nick Mamatas's remembrance of writer d.g.k. goldberg, who recently died of cancer. I've since found a few more tributes, all LiveJournals:
Laura Anne Gilman

Mehitobel Wilson

Seth Lindberg (includes links to stories online)
Those were all found via this LJ friends list, on the main page of which, proprietor Brett Alexander Savory linked to a post of mine from last year about goldberg's fine story "Melungeon Moon".

Here's a short interview with goldberg from a few years ago.

Her two novels are Skating on the Edge and Doomed to Repeat It.

Apparently, goldberg put together a short story collection for a publisher, but it never got published. That's a shame, and I hope that the possibility still exists for the book to be published, because it is one that I, and I'm sure plenty of other people, would like to read.


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