Various awards are now open to nominations:

storySouth's Million Writers Award for Fiction: "Stories of more than 1000 words, published online during the 2004 calendar year, may be nominated by writers, readers, or editors of an online publication. Nominations are due by Febuary 1, 2005."

Rhysling Award: Speculative poetry, nominated by members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association (to which you can become a member for less than $20!)

The Nebula Preliminary Ballot has been released. Members of the SFWA can vote.

Hugo Award nomination ballots are available now. Supporting or attending members of Noreascon 4 or Interaction (the upcoming Worldcon) are eligible to nominate. You have until the end of January to become a supporting or attending member of Interaction if you aren't currently eligible to vote.

SF Site Reader's Choice Awards wins my award for best introduction (by Neil Walsh):
In December 2003, the Canadian Prime Minister retired and Canadians got stuck with a new Prime Minister we didn't necessarily want; he was confirmed in office (albeit with a minority government) in the federal election of 2004. After the U.S. elections of November 2000, Americans got stuck with a President they didn't necessarily want, and it looks like he's been reelected in 2004.

Do recent events make you feel more than a little uneasy about the whole process of voting? Well now it's time to cast a ballot that should actually make you feel good about voting. Here's your chance to make your votes (all 10 of them) count, by voting for what you consider to be the best SF & Fantasy books of 2004.


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