Quick Warning

Jason Erik Lundberg warns that there are only about 60 copies of his anthology Scattered, Covered, Smothered left of the 200 in the first printing.

I have just begun reading the book. You will want a copy. It costs $9.99 (in cheap American dollars). Weird stories about food. And weird poems about food. And recipes for foodish items. And a beautiful, amusing cover.

The anthology contains work by writers who are also bloggers -- Barth Anderson, Christopher Rowe, Heather Shaw, and -- a recent entry to the blogosphere -- the great (in more ways than can be defined) Rhys Hughes. (And others. If I gave you a complete list, it might satiate your curiosity, and then you wouldn't go look at the website, and then you might not buy the book, and then you would be filled with deep regret for the rest of the year, and perhaps even the rest of your life. See: I'm helping you. I have your best interests at heart. Go now.)

(But please don't buy every copy. I need a few for Christmas presents next year.)

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