There Goes the Neighborhood!

What I really should do is update the sidebar links, but I'm lazy at the moment, so I will herald the arrival of some new blogs and some blogs new to me by mentioning them here and promising to ensconce them permanently in the sidebar soon.

Sonya Taaffe has joined the legion of LiveJournalers.

Farah Mendelsohn enters the Blogger ballroom with one of my favorite sentences of the week: "The City of Ember is the only book I have liked so little that I decided not to give it to a charity shop but sent it back to the publishers with a list of my objections."

Dan Green is branching beyond just The Reading Experience to political and social experiences Outside the Text.

The great Giornale Nuovo has spawned a cousin site devoted entirely to putting Isaac D'Israeli's late-eighteenth century book Curiosities of Literature online.

The Short of It is a site devoted to short fiction (mostly mystery it seems).

And some great news: TMFTML is back.


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