A New Tone

I've decided that the tone at this weblog is too serious and stuffy, thus making it unlikely to communicate with an audience that matters. Dan Green recently told me in an email that he's hoping to change the tone of his site, keeping his posts no longer than 100 words and using no words with more than 4.5 characters and no compound sentences, because he hopes to start a campaign against elitism and for chick lit. This caused me to re-evaluate my own purposes and goals, and so here follows the first of my new entries....

w00t w00t!!!!! hey everybuddy i got a email from a REAL LIVE WRITER TODAY and i just totally was like I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! and i wish i could tell u who it wuz but it's totally TOP SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!

lou anders has a INTERVIEW WITH CHINA MIEVILLE and china looks in the illo like vin diesel **sigh!!!** (i got the link from lou anders blog which is new n is just da bomb.

so have you seen all the new info at locus about chucky stross and flamewars and anthologies and some big german company and lethem doing comics novels and star wars omg!!!!!!! it's so good you gotta read it all like NOW.

and wutz with all this death of SF talk huh? i mean like come ON people. reminds me of that great tom lehrer joke about the young necrophiliac who achieved his lifes dream by becoming county coroner. i SO identify.

did you see that fahrenheit 451 meme?

QUESTION: You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you want to be?

ANSWER: fahrenheit 451. duh!!!!!

heres a QUIZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're Brigitte Bardot!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
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  1. That's terrifying. Cut it out!

    -- Niall

  2. Torger Vedeler4/01/2005 5:33 PM

    leik OMG!!!! i cuold like SO idennify with whut yr doing here, mattt!!!! for the 1st tiem I culd reed yr post without needeeng my mom to liek explan it all fur me and stuff!!!!! so liek yr my new hero & LOL i'm reely lookeng forwiurd to seeeng mor of what stuff yu rite here on yr blog place and stufff!!!!! MaTt ChEEny 4eva!!!!! LOL OMG!!!!

  3. Theodora Goss4/01/2005 7:31 PM

    I always THOUGHT you were Brigitte Bardot! ;)


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