Who Says Blogging is for Egotists?

EWN: What innovative idea have you employed, or do you plan on using, at your site? i.e. - author keys, guest bloggers, guest reviewers, dueling viewpoints, updates :) etc.

Matthew: I link obsessively to anything I've written that appears elsewhere on the web, and there's nobody else foolish enough to do that.
Yes, that's me you see there as part of the Emerging Writers' Forum interview with various litbloggers. It's a fun group, including the masterminds behind some blogs I read avidly and some I haven't encountered before. Reading over my responses now, I see I was, by the second half, in a rather weird mood.

Here's another link: my latest Strange Horizons column, this one about the first James Tiptree, Jr. story I read. The column bloomed from some material I'd cut out of my SF Site Tiptree review.

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