LitFic for People Who Hate LitFic

Cheryl Morgan has posted Emerald City #124, which includes a feature article by me, "Literary Fiction for People Who Hate Literary Fiction", a piece I'm rather fond of because it ended up taking a lot more work than I had thought it would, and got me thinking about some assumptions of my own that I hadn't adequately questioned. I'm not sure much of that comes out in the article, which is pretty straightforward, but the process of revising it a few times for Cheryl forced me to have to consider some things I hadn't about the differences between readerly expectations within marketing categories. These ideas still feel vague and inchoate, but eventually I will probably explore them here or at Strange Horizons or elsewhere. We shall see. For now, though, there's the article, which is not comprehensive at all, but is, instead, an invitation for people to explore writers they might otherwise think are not their sort of thing.


  1. I should add here that working with Matt forced me to articulate much more clearly what I do when I write reviews of SF&F books; in particular what it is I tell readers about those books. It was a very interesting process. I'm very pleased with the end result, but I'm also keep to see people's reactions.


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