05 December 2005


Bud Parr (of Chekhov's Mistress) has created a new clearinghouse for litblogs, MetaxuCafe. It aggregates posts and headlines from members, lets members post original posts, offers a forum for people to talk about books and blogging, and is really quite beautifully designed. It's a new endeavor, so I'm sure various things will change in the coming weeks and months, but already more than 50 bloggers have signed on as members, including me. Membership is open to anybody who wants in and runs a blog about books that has an RSS or Atom feed. I've already discovered lots of blogs I didn't know about before, and some good discussions have begun in the forum.

1 comment:

  1. I also signed up at MetaxuCafe and find it great. It's a way for bloggers who love the written word to get together and learn about others. Fantastic idea.