2005: Some of the Goods

Jeff VanderMeer bowed out of writing a best-of-the-year article for Locus Online this year, and he and Mark Kelly schemed to get me to do it in Jeff's stead. I think they both knew me well enough to suspect that I would try to read every book published in English in 2005, and giving me the assignment late in the fall was a form of entertainment for them. I nearly drowned in books -- books sent by publishers, books borrowed from multiple libraries, and even a few books I bought on a whim. I barely slept. My eyes turned into big red sores on the front of my face. When I finally got down to the last three-foot stack of books to look through, I nearly cried, because one three-foot pile didn't seem particularly daunting at that point. I doubt I'll ever be able to do such a thing again, because I doubt I'll ever have an entire month free just for reading again, but though it was utterly exhausting, the whole process was also exhilarating.

And so now I present you with "2005: Some of the Goods". You'll find plenty of surprises there, I expect, as well as a few books I've been championing for a while.

Mine is, thankfully, not the only point of view Locus Online offers. Claude Lalumière also offers his choices, and his include comics, TV shows, movies, etc. Claude and I usually have entirely opposite taste, but we agree about Kelly Link and Howl's Moving Castle, and I suspect I'll enjoy Lisa Tuttle's The Mysteries, but I only got a copy of it recently. And I'd never heard of some of the other things he lists, so am intrigued.

I think there's one other best-of-the-year article that will be posted on the site, too. I'll update this post once it is.


  1. Hi Matt,
    I'm afraid that The Coyote Road won't be out till 2007!

  2. No! I've been looking forward to it so much! Ahhh well, the mistake will just cause people to be aching for it when it finally appears.

    I was pleased to hear from my secret agent in Japan about Salon Fantastique, too, Ellen -- it sounds like a phenomenal project.

  3. No third best-of-the-year piece for Locus Online this year, it turns out; the third contributor bowed out, not having read enough...

    I think we'll both sympathize with Jeff V soon enough, with his World Fantasy Award judging chores!

  4. Matt,
    I know who the little birdie is :-).
    SF is shaping up nicely (finally). We have about 70,000 words and the book is due in April.


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