03 July 2006

In Desperate Attempt to Create Content, Blogger Posts Links

Lacking anything even remotely interesting to say myself, I will now perform the traditional blogging ritual of sharing links to other people's stuff, much of which you've probably seen linked to by other people, but it's not like it's my problem that all you do all day is read blogs and follow links, so just shut up and--

Sorry -- I guess the Evil Monkey movie awoke some deeply buried reserve of hostility in me...

1 comment:

  1. I read the book some years back while staying in Cuernavaca, Mexico, where it is set, for a summer. Reading it there enhanced the effect of the book in some weird way, because though I have an intense memory of finding it powerful and bizarre and compelling, I have very little memory of any specific scenes. Maybe it just creates the effect of being an alcoholic on people who are not alcoholics...

    Heh. I firmly believe that location effects books. Having read John Fowles' The Magus for the first time in Hawaii still does weird things to my memories of the place.