LBC Summer

The summer pick of the LitBlog Co-Op has been announced, and it is Michael Martone by Michael Martone. The other books nominated for the Read This choice will be noted and discussed in the coming weeks.

For whatever reason, I was pretty indifferent to all of the nominees this round, so probably won't be saying too much, though during Michael Martone week I will at least put up a post asking for help understanding what people found so engaging about the book, since it was probably my least favorite of them all. (And then at the end of the quarter, I'll get to have a bit of revenge, because I was a nominator for the fall, and my nomination, along with two others, will be revealed. Bwahahahahaha!)


  1. I'm with ya. I think Martone gives metafiction a bad name. His fiction is smug, facile, and shallow.



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