Possible Futures of Indian/South Asian Speculative Fiction

A little while back, I got an email from Samit Basu, asking if I would be willing to be interviewed for a project he was working on about Indian and South Asian literature, speculative fiction, etc. My first thought was, "I am about as ignorant as it's possible to be on this subject," and my second thought was, "Well, let's give it a try," because I figured that even if I had nothing but ignorant statements to make, at least it would give people something to argue against, and maybe that would be worthwhile, because the topic of how fiction gets written, published, distributed, and read outside what I, at least, tend to think of as the major centers of publishing is one that is extremely important.

Samit did not merely interview me, but rather got a whole spectrum of people to respond, and the fascinating results can be accessed from here. The conversation will be continuing, as it should.


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