30 July 2006

Summer Break

Time for a break. I'm in the midst of various writing projects, preparations for the upcoming school year, etc. Also, rehearsals for a production of Twelfth Night (I'm playing Sebastian; the director has cast many of us against type, so I have to play a virile, masculine guy. And had to shave my beard. If you're anywhere near Sandwich, NH on August 8-13, stop by the outdoor stage at the Fairgrounds at 2pm to see the show.)

Because of all this busy-ness, I will try to refrain from posting anything here at least until the middle of August. I've got an interview with Juliet Ulman (senior editor at Bantam) in the works, and will post that whenever we get around to finishing it; also, I'll probably make an appearance or two at the LitBlog Co-op, but otherwise I expect this site will be dormant for at least a couple weeks.

Here, then, as a parting, are some new links: