03 November 2006

The End of ManBug Week

ManBug Week has wound down over at the the LBC with a podcast interview with George Ilsley created by the great and glorious Carolyn Kellogg of Pinky's Paperhaus and the tenebrous, ranting denizens of The Bat Segundo Show.

I haven't been on a fast enough internet connection yet to listen to the interview, but Carolyn told me she enjoyed talking with George and that he said plenty of illuminating and amusing things, so I'm looking forward to listening to that part of the interview. I'm more wary of the beginning, because Carolyn and I talk about the book for a moment before introducing George, and I expect I sound like an idiot. Ignorance is, perhaps, bliss.

1 comment:

  1. Hardly idiot-like at all, Matt. For that you need to go back to when Ed Champion asks the "gentleman" who nominated Kellie Wells' Skin what he liked about it. Just listen to the gaping silence there!

    And get to a fast internet connection - Manbug was not my favorite of this current trio of LBC nominees at all - but the conversation between Carolyn and George is fantastic - she gets him to open up by asking great questions, frequently due to her great reading of the novel.

    Dan Wickett - EWN/Dzanc