25 November 2006

From Oregon

Here's a photo from Thanksgiving day in Yoncalla, Oregon. It has been suggested to me that this would make a fine publicity photo. I'm not sure for what sort of publicity. It certainly does seem appropriate, though, to the author of "Blood"...

A strange picture of Mr. Cheney(The item in my hand, by the way, is a leg crook used on sheep.)


  1. Oh dear lord.

    P.S. When somebody from Battle Ground, WA has never heard of a town in the PNW called "Yoncalla," you know it must be a pretty obscure little town... :)

  2. The camo and the crook, the hunter and the shepard. Is there any paradigm you haven't subverted?


  3. Funny enough, you look almost exactly the way I pictured you.

  4. Sheep, green fields, cool damp day - and you look perfectly at home. You haven't got any Welsh blood in you, have you Matthew?

  5. "...I'm trying very hard to be the shepard."

    --Mr. Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction

  6. Here's my sheep-crook and my black dog, I give them to you . . .

    That is definitely a photograph to be used for something.

  7. You know, Brett, in college I had a bumpersticker on my door room wall that said "Subvert the dominant paradigm!" and I just keep trying to figure out which one is dominant...

    Yoncalla is, indeed, a small town, Kameron. In fact, it's smaller than Drain, its neighbor, a place with what I thought was an amusing name for a gas station: Flaming Fuel. It's a fun place, though, because it's only an hour south of Eugene, so while you can feel like you're living in the wild, it's easy enough to escape, too.

    And no, Clare, no Welsh blood that I know of, but plenty of Scottish.

  8. What a strange photo.