McSweeney's Sale

The AMS bankruptcy had a tremendous effect on the publishing world, and it left many small publishers with perilous, unanticipated financial losses. McSweeney's now reports:
We lost about $130,000—actual earnings that were simply erased. Due to the intricacies of the settlement, the real hurt didn't hit right away, but it's hitting now. Like most small publishers, our business is basically a break-even proposition in the best of times, so there's really no way to absorb a loss that big.
To try to make up for the loss, this week they are holding a sale and auction, which means you can get great stuff at reduced prices, and some rare and unique items are also available. If I may suggest a few things...

At the auction:
(More items will be added throughout the week at the auction. And there are others that I'm too lazy to link to. I don't really know what you'll most love, so you should just check out the whole thing yourself.)

From the store:
And much more, besides.

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