30 October 2007

Out There in the World

Rick Bowes has taken to calling me "Garbo" (or, when he's feeling particularly familiar, "Greta"), but it is not true that I am avoiding the world, merely that I am busy with teaching, grading papers, writing lesson plans, etc. As proof, though, of my continued existence, I offer the following:
Tonight's Interfictions reading at McNally Robinson, where I will be reading alongside Tempest Bradford, Veronica Schanoes, and Delia Sherman. (I may also channel Theodora Goss, having last achieved this feat two years ago at the World Fantasy Convention, when Dora couldn't make it to a panel.)

A conversation about Best American Fantasy at Booksquare, in which Jeff, Ann, and I throw questions at each other. Many thanks to Kassia Krozser for inviting us to do this!
The evidence is before you, my children. Garbo or ... Harpo? You decide!