05 November 2007

Strange Horizons, WFC, Etc.

The latest issue of Strange Horizons has been posted and includes a column in which I blather on a bit and then recommend some literary journals that adventurous readers might enjoy.

While I'm here, I'd like to offer congratulations to the World Fantasy Award winners for this year -- especially to such friends, supporters, and critics of The Mumpsimus as Mary Rickert, Jeff Ford, and Ellen Datlow.

I was not at the World Fantasy Convention, for various reasons, but I had a little mini-convention all of my own. Friday's highlight was a panel on laundry. On Saturday, I participated in a kaffeeklatch with a writer I admire, Richard Larson, then continued on with him to see the associational (because its title invokes a fantastic creature) movie Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, which he liked overall a bit more than I did, but which I nonetheless thought was certainly worth seeing. And then on Sunday, to finish it all up, I moderated a special session of the SATs, which was similar to the World Fantasy Awards banquet, I'm sure, except quieter and without any joy or happiness.


  1. I'm so glad you mentioned Tin House, because I picked up a slew of them at a library sale in Florida for 50 cents apiece and risked both hernia and overweight charges to lug them back to Germany, then was so delighted with the journal that I may be forced to subscribe. And one issue included Jo Ann Beard's terrific Undertaker, Please Drive Slow!

    Altogether an excellent list, thanks.

  2. Happy to hear that your SAT-moderating experience was "similar" to a banquet! That is significantly more festive than you were expecting... :)

  3. Thanks, Matt--I'll be seeing you later this month--sorry you didn't make it to WFC -it was a good convention.

    The banquet food at WFC was pretty awful so that you did not miss!