11 June 2008

Mind Meld!

I love SF Signal's "Mind Melds", where a bunch of people riff on a question. I'm part of the new one, where the question is: Which new or little-known genre writers will be tomorrow's big stars? Why?

I was clearly in a goofy mood when I wrote my answer, but every name mentioned was done so in seriousness.


  1. Wow, man! Thanks for mentioning me

  2. I owe you a drink!

    ...and possibly a bonk on the head. SFWA president!? You've doomed me!

  3. I would so join SFWA if you were prez! (And I'd watch American Idol if Nick were a judge -- I always read his posts on it even though I've only seen the show, I think, twice.)

  4. mom! stop embarrassing me!

    No, seriously, thanks babe. I will thank you by bugging you CONSTANTLY about whether or not you are writing your ass off, as you should be, once you get back up here.

  5. And I also! That a complete, and lovely surprise. Personally, I rather fancy a cult following. :D

    And I agree with you 100% about Holly Phillips. Really looking forward to The Engine's Child.