Congratulations to Matt Bell

Matt Bell has won the StorySouth Million Writers Award for his story "Alex Trebek Never Eats Fried Chicken" from Storyglossia. (Galleycat has a good write-up about the award and Matt here.)

I'm noting this not because I'm a big fan of awards, but because I had not noticed Matt's name before Jeff and Ann VanderMeer picked his story "Mario's Three Lives" for Best American Fantasy 2008, and it's fun to see someone whose work we read without any knowledge of his background or abilities now achieving some recognition. So congrats to Matt, and let's hope this is just the beginning of many more accomplishments in the future!


  1. Maybe the nicest thing about this particular award is that genre and non-genre stories make it to the final ballot and compete on an equal footing. This is, in fact, the first time in the last four years that neither the first nor the second place story was spec fiction.

    Rick Bowes

  2. It's a good story. Thanks for linking to it. Though he cruelly ignores Trebek's appearances as an actor on Cheers and the X-Files! He's a man of many talents! (I kid, I kid.)


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