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I've never given much of a sense here of the books that arrive at Mumpsimus Central each day. Here, then, are some photos of most of the books that have been sent to us in the past two weeks (the only ones I know for sure are missing are advance copies of Thomas M. Disch's The Wall of America and Holly Phillips's The Engine's Child, both of which I immediately put on the to-be-read pile -- though if I'm responsible to my other duties, I won't start reading either till the late fall. But being responsible is so dull!)

Some closer looks...

Paul Auster and Peter LaSalle!

Night Shade Books continues to publish a wonderful variety of books with beautiful covers.

Two books with great titles: The Age of the Conglomerates and The Defenestration of Bob T. Hash III.
An anthology, a novel, and a short story collection
And, finally, The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard and Adam Golaski's Worse Than Myself.


  1. Ah, jealousy. I'm still at the point where I have to ask if I want such goodies. Did pick up the upcoming Wyndham reissue from NYRB, though. It seems like I'm reading half their list this year. Their Victor Serge is one to read yourself, by the way, though it looks like you won't have a chance for the next nine months or so.


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