27 October 2008

Free Spaceman!

One of my favorite novels of recent years, Brian Francis Slattery's Spaceman Blues, is available as a free download this month from Tor.com. Go now!

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  1. I'm reading it,and liking it very much-I'm slow at it b/c now that I work long hours in front of the computer I've much less enthusiasm for e-books.
    But...so far (chapter three) to me everything in this novel screams Thomas Pynchon -the names (Wendell Apogee?) the characters,the just-a bit-off-kilter realism,bits like the Party,The Church of Panic,Swami Horowitz and his House in the water,the Book Death in The Five Boroughs,musical groups like The Marsupials...
    I know it's not just me,because I've looked at reviews and saw Pynchon namedropped often,but it seems more than an influence-almost like a deliberate attempt at recreating a style.
    What do you think?