Mind Meld: Subgenres

SF Signal has posted another of their always-fun Mind Meld features, and I got to participate in this one. The question: What's your favorite sub-genre of science fiction and/or fantasy?

Of course, I had to mention tractor pulls.


  1. My favorite sub-genre of Science Fiction is Cyberpunk.

    I never used to read Fantasy, but now, my Favorite sub-genre of Fantasy is "New Weird" which is generally darker than what I always thought of as Fantasy. It leans toward Lovecraftian horror, and I mean that in a good, fresh, revitalizing way.

  2. My favorite sub-genre of science fiction and/or fantasy is Kelly Link.


  3. I know you've read Waldrop, so I assumed you've read "Mary Margaret Road-Grader," but since you didn't explicitly mention it, I feel obliged to link to it.


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