27 February 2009

Nebula Nominees

Okay, now the world feels small. For the first time, I know someone in all the fiction categories of the Nebula nominees. And not just like encountered on Facebook once (though there is that...) -- but was roommates at the World Fantasy Convention with (Dave Schwartz), wrote a story with (Jeff Ford), have known since I was in the 7th grade (Jim Kelly). Rick Bowes keeps my first child in a basement in Hell's Kitchen. Kelley Eskridge I know the least of the group, but she's among the awesomest people on Earth, so I have to claim her anyway. (She's teaching my second child to dance.) John Kessel I met for the first time this summer, but I think he was the one who convinced Rick that my first child needed a basement and some electrodes.

It's a good thing I'm not a SFWA member, because my approach to awards is to root for my friends, and I would have trouble voting with so many good people nominated. I think I'd advocate for mud wrestling to determine the winners. That would certainly liven up the Nebula banquets!

Congrats to all the nominees, including the folks I don't know.


  1. Of course we know each other, we just haven't met yet (grin). Will be happy to teach little Matt or Mattie how to dance, anytime (although you never know what dancing will lead them to...)

    I'm really thrilled about the nomination. Thanks very much for the good wishes, I appreciate it.


  2. The trick is to have friends who are really good writers. Then you can vote for your friends AND the best writers. ;>