$1 Small Beer

This is the craziest sale I've ever seen. Small Beer Press needs to make some room in their warehouse, and so they're selling a selected group of backlist titles for $1 each, plus shipping. I got the two Small Beer books I didn't already have (Endless Things and Water Logic, which I didn't have simply because they're parts of series I haven't read, but for $1...) and a couple I plan to give to people as random gifts. It's great stuff -- brilliant collections of short fiction by Alan DeNiro and Kelly Link and Maureen McHugh, Angelica Gorodsicher's extraordinary Kalpa Imperial, etc. Stock up!


  1. Hi Matt, sorry I've lost your email and sworn off Facebook for a while.

    I found this thing today and thought of you. It seems to be some kind of sci fi story wrapped up in a puzzle. You watch these youtube videos and solve puzzles to unlock bits of the story.

    I just solved the valdez one which seems to be in the middle of chapter 2 so I'm a little lost.

    It's at youtube dot com slash isthistom.

    Cheers, I enjoy the blog as always!


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