06 April 2009


It was Samuel Delany's birthday on April 1, and the Philadelphia Inquirer has very thoughtfully given him the present of a profile, including comments from Gardner Dozois, David Hartwell, Josh Lukin, Jacob McMurray, Gregory Frost, and others.

The article even included a quote from Philip K. Dick that I don't remember encountering before. Dick reportedly called Dhalgren "a terrible book [that] should have been marketed as trash." Gave me a good chuckle, that did.

I should also note that I discovered the profile via a particularly excellent collection of links posted by Ron Silliman.

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  1. While the Inquirer did quote me all nice and proper, their biggest gaffe seems to have been to call Michael Swanwick "Michael Swankier." This of course has gone to his head and he now does believe he's swankier than the rest of us lowly writers, and it's no good trying to talk him out of this. I blame the PI's incapability at proofreading...I suspect either the rag let go all its copy-editors as a cost-cutting measure, or they all fled when Charles Krauthammer and Rick Santorum became regular features (one can hardly blame them). Either way, Michael Swankier was born...