15 August 2009


Before I could even get around to putting up my annual post about the Strange Horizons fund drive, John and Kristine Scalzi made a wonderful offer of matching donations up to a total of $500. John's announcement rounded up so much interest that in 27 hours the fund drive exceeded its goal of raising $7000 for the month.

As someone who benefits directly from people's donations (yeah yeah, I know, I should be paying them to publish my stuff, but what can I say?) and who reads SH pretty darn faithfully, I'm tremendously grateful for the support shown to the site.

And perhaps we should give Scalzi another Hugo Award -- this time for Best Related Act of Generosity.

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  1. Hi Matthew and readers,

    It's always good to read that there are bloggers who use this way of communication for improving this planet and especially the way we are relating with each other, which is something that has decreased in quality in the last years, namely in terms of indifference.

    Kind regards,