NH Theatre Events

Posting here has been light because at the moment I'm in rehearsals for The Winter's Tale in Sandwich, New Hampshire. It's the realization of a lifelong dream -- I am getting to play the King of Bohemia! (Otherwise known as Polixenes, but I insist everyone refer to me as the King of Bohemia. I rule over many cafés and have my own line of designer liberal guilt.) For anyone who happens to be nearby, the show runs August 11-16 at the outdoor stage of the Sandwich Fairgrounds at 2pm, rain or shine.

Also, I haven't yet had a chance to write about my experience as a participant in the first of the Write On Golden Pond playwrighting/screenwriting workshops offered by Whitebridge Farm Productions here in central NH. I've known workshop leader Ernest Thompson (winner of one of them Oscar thingies for writing an obscure indie flick called On Golden Pond) for longer than either of us would care to admit, and for five or six years I participated in an informal playwrighting group he led, so I more or less knew what I was getting myself into, but the workshop exceeded all my expectations -- easily one of the best I've participated in, and having been a playwrighting major at NYU for three years, I've been in a lot of workshops.

A second writing workshop is coming up in two weeks, and I can honestly and enthusiastically recommend it for anybody interested in dramatic writing. It's an intense, immensely fulfilling experience. Also, I'm told financial aid is available. And New Hampshire in the summer is beautiful. (Well, when it's not raining. But even the rain is beautiful!)

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