18 August 2009

Piles o' Books

I've run out of bookshelves and have been rearranging some things, which has caused me to create a few big piles of books. I liked them as sculptures, so took some pictures. Then I began wondering what would happen if by some miracle these piles survived a few centuries and were discovered by future archaeologists -- they'd figure, perhaps, they had stumbled upon the hoard of a mad hermit. And would not be entirely incorrect in thinking so...  [click on images to see full size]


  1. Hey! Are you raiding my bookshelves??
    We've got a lot in common book-wise, my friend. I am quite envious of your issues of Night Cry and copy of Light Years and Dark, been looking for that one for years. I've got stacks of books and stacks of boxes of books. Top that!


  2. Oh wow, pictures like this make me drool. It's like looking at someone's bookshelf when you visit their house. I love seeing all the books I have on my own shelf. Hi, Michael Chabon, Stephen King, Granta, Tin House, Angela Carter, Lady Churchill and your rosebud wristlet!

    It's a strangely acquisitive thrill, looking at book spines.

  3. Oh, wow! You've got more issues of Night Cry than I do. I'm jealous.

    Jeff P.