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Paul Monette, whom some people might call a "sexual pervert" who suffered from "objectively disordered appetites", once wrote,
You'll pardon my French, but it's not so hard to be politically correct. All you have to do is not be an asshole.
Some people are really failing at that right now.


  1. That couple, who you refer to, are quite a pair. Deep have they drunk from the broth of Birch and Rand...

  2. So many problems in the world could be solved if people would only listen to Paul Monette's words. Yet so many people continue to totally fail at the asshole test.

  3. Cheney: You know you oughta listen to what he says, he has a doctorate even and works in DC, just like the rest of the working joes. He's an intellectual powerhouse, and he's the first one to tell you so. Seriously, I'll bet this guys got a whole rasher of skeletons in the closet -- that post stinks of fear.

  4. oops, that was me.

    Jeff Ford

  5. I'm new around these parts. Thanks for pointing out someone I need to avoid (at all costs) at the moveable feast. That is a passel of crazy in that LJ post.

    I'd like to think that Monette, Wilde, and Harvey Milk sit around in a plush, velvet-upholstered afterlife drinking cocktails and flicking heavenly rubber bands at asshats like this. As it were.

  6. There have been many times in the last few years when that would have been a handy quote to have on the tip of my tongue. Why don't we memorize _useful_ things in school?

  7. With respect to the person who shall remain nameless, I'm pretty sure his "doctorate of law" is not what most people think it is. Law degrees are ranked as follows : J.D. then LLM then JSD. The "juris doctor" is actually the lowest law degree and does not require a dissertation (in fact law schools are pretty notorious for not teaching writing). The JD used to be an LLB, dating back to when you could go directly from high school to law school but continuing to be called an LLB for quite some time after law became a graduate degree. The reason for the change is that law schools eventually realized that their graduates going into government service with an LLB could only start as high as a GS9 but that a "doctor of law" could start as a GS11.

    Now it is possible that he has a JSD, but I think he was deliberately being misleading.


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