Public Service Messages of the Day

First, the Norton Critical Editions have their own Twitter account.  I love love love the NCEs and, in fact, have assigned three of them (Heart of Darkness, Things Fall Apart, Modern African Drama) in a course this term.  I cannot express the incredible booklust the background photo on that Twitter page causes me...

Second, the NCE Twitterers are seeking people's favorite ghost/horror stories.  I said Joanna Russ's "My Dear Emily" and Robert Aickman's "The Stains", though could have certainly listed 100 others, too.  Maybe they'll decide to do a big Norton Critical Edition of horror stories....   Wouldn't that be fun?  Go share your own favorites!

In other news, I am not alone in connecting certain elements of the work of William Faulkner with that of Samuel R. Delany.  [In that discussion, I'm username Melikhovo]

In further other news, and also from Ta-Nehisi Coates's extraordinary blog, news from Paris Review editor Lorin Stein that there is an upcoming interview with Samuel Delany.  (And I expect by the time it's published, Stein will have learned to spell Delany's name!)  I think this is the first time I've beaten the Paris Review to an interview...  I haven't asked Chip about it yet, but will do so soon.

Finally, best thing I read all day: Zunguzungu on the films of Judd Apatow, masculinity, homoeroticism, homophobia, etc.

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