Horror Countdowns

It's the month of Halloween, and a couple of websites are running countdowns of great horror movies, providing essays in justification of their ideas.  Well worth reading are those at Wonders in the Dark and Gestalt Mash.  We'd all rank our favorite such films differently, of course, and it will be fun in the end to see which films get missed (I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see if one of my own favorites, Blood Feastgets included on either list!  One must always use exclamation points when talking about Blood Feast!!!  I love it as much for its poster as for the film itself!!!!)  The rankings are interesting, though -- for instance, Wonders in the Dark lists the seminal, original Texas Chainsaw Massacre as #25, and I would be inclined to put it in the top ten; I'm impressed that the writers think there are 24 horror movies superior to and more important than the original TCM.  (And I Walked with a Zombie is all the way back at 85?!?  Insanity!  I'd move it ahead by about eighty spots.)

Oh, where would the world be without lists?!  How did the world ever get by without our being able to fight over such things?!?


  1. It might be fun to do some digging and find out how far back lists like this go. I have seen some "best book" lists in 19th century magazines. More than half of the novels listed as "best of all time" were ones I'd never heard of.


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