Fallen Books

I was upstairs and heard a crash.

I came down and discovered some of my ever-precarious piles of books had fallen.

Had I let the piles grow too large?  Had one of the many books I'm in the midst of reading been placed unartfully on the pile?  Had a small earthquake rustled the house?  Had gravity changed?

No, none of those were the reasons that multiple piles fell at once.

 The culprit returned to survey his work...

The Cat Who Walked Through Books


  1. I, too, had "cats who walked through books"! Purr-haps the one he wanted to read was on the bottom. Having no opposable thumbs presents challenges to even the most erudite kitty!!

    - Nancy Gazo

  2. In my early twenties I had a cat who took to peeing on my shelved books - perhaps a comment on the nature of my taste.

  3. Contested Will was quite a book, I thought. Maybe now that it's taken a tumble it will move to the top of your to-be-blogged-about pile.

  4. He probably thinks that destroyed books mean more attention for himself.

  5. Perhaps Alex should be renamed Eclipse, since his shadow lies across both Eclipse 2 and Eclipse 3.
    -Eric S


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