Last Year's Links

I've been sharing items via Google Reader's sidebar widget on this site for quite a while, calling it "Fresh Links".  Whenever I see something in the RSS feed that seems interesting, I click the little share button, and voila, y'all get to see it.  It's increased my laziness, causing me not to create linkdumps much any more.  If there's something I am especially impressed with, interested in, or challenged by, I'll incorporate it into a post somehow; stuff in the Fresh Links section is stuff that seemed to me worth the time I put into reading it.

One of the things it allows me to do, if I choose, is see all I've shared.  I haven't done this before, but today I wondered what, for instance, I had noticed at this time last year.  Here's what was there:

December 3, 2009

December 4, 2009

And then nothing again until December 7, which happens to be a wonderful day because it is the birthday of Noam Chomsky, Tom Waits, and my mother, among other luminaries.  Here's what I shared then:

Oh, those were the days!  Back when we were all so much younger, so much better looking, so much more 2009ish than we are today!

I shall wear the bottoms of my blog posts rolled...

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