Are We Living in an Alternate Universe?

Glenn Beck appropriates ACT UP's Silence = Death.

I went to some ACT UP meetings and protests in the mid-1990s in New York. One of them was a protest against the Pope. People who were braver and more committed than I dropped a banner out of Saks 5th Avenue that read "CONDOMS SAVE LIVES". I was with a group of about 20 folks who were allowed into a special police-created protest area in amidst what felt like a million Catholics waiting for the Pope outside St. Patrick's Cathedral. I remember a woman coming up with her young daughter to the waist-high metal barricades that enclosed us. She threw holy water at us and told her daughter we were vampires.

Perhaps in this new alternate reality, Beck will have Larry Kramer on his show to talk about Ronald Reagan. That would be fun...


  1. The idea of Glenn Beck being silent certainly has it's appeal. You've got to admit that.

    I also participated in Act-Up demonstrations back in the early 80's. In San Francisco people really were dying and silence was part of the reason why. So on the one hand, this is a frustrating and insulting appropriation of gay culture.

    On the other hand, it also serves to educate a large audience that may have never seen that logo before. So maybe it goes a little way towards preserving gay culture for another generation.

  2. Yes, we are living in an alternative universe. One in which war is peace, hate is love, and Glenn Beck is considered an apostle. Orwell would be proud of this fellow; he helps brings the great author's dystopia to life.


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