This is probably my favorite Astounding cover, the last one that magazine published by Alejandro Canedo, apparently titled "Inappropriate". It's the July 1954 issue. Canedo (or Cañedo? Same artist?) had put naked men on the cover of Astounding before -- the September 1947 is ... well, it sure puts some of the old gay pulps to shame...


  1. If Analog had those sorta covers, I'd be reading a lot more Hard SF. It'd give a whole new meaning to the term "Hard SF".

  2. Hubba, Hubba! About as hot as anything, male or female, on the newstands 57 years ago. What kind of attention did these covers get in their time?

    Rick Bowes

  3. Looks like the same model in both covers. One can't help but wonder how their sales were.


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